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New Release

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 It’s release day!

Some early reviews are already in. Sara at Boys in Our Books blog said,

“True Brit is a wonderful story about opening your eyes and seeing what’s right in front of you. It’s about fighting for what’s right no matter the cost and realizing that home really is where the heart is. I adored Ed and Pash’s story; a story full of honest emotion and honest end reactions, regardless of how they began.  This is such a perfect book for me.” 

Sandra at My Fiction Nook said,

“The book, throughout its ups and downs, is ultimately hopeful. The characters are willing to learn, willing to listen, and willing to do what it takes to succeed. Even if their ideas of success changes along the way.

A superb performance from one of my favorite authors.”

Want to win a copy?

Lisa at The Novel Approach is hosting a giveaway today right here.

True Brit can be purchased at:

I hope you love Ed and Pasha’s story!

True Brit Preorder

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True Brit Available for Preorder!

 Come marvel at the gorgeous True Brit art Natasha Snow made for my latest novel.  She put Ed Britten front and center on the cover.

I can’t wait for you all to meet my reluctant hero and his opponent Pasha Trueman.


True Brit is available RIGHT NOW. You can find it here:


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 I couldn’t be more thrilled with this story. True Brit was a chance to write about one of my favourite things: Fandom! Add in two men desperate to stay in the United Kingdom’s most prestigious singing competition, and their story was a joy to construct. I smiled so often while writing True Brit. I hope you have the same reaction as you read.

True Brit Blurb

Winning the United Kingdom’s favorite singing contest is a challenge for half-Afghani Pasha Trueman. He doesn’t have the best voice, but success would be life-changing. His strategy is simple—he’ll make the British public love him.

Ed Britten is an ex-soldier with a different agenda. Winning means he’ll keep a promise made after a deadly Afghan ambush. His voice is his weapon, but he leaves his heart unguarded.

Ed and Pasha’s discovery that the contest isn’t a fair fight calls for creative tactics. Staging a fake love story could bring victory, only there’s more at stake than the prestigious first prize. If winning means surrendering each other, they could both end up losing.

You can also add True Brit to your shelves at Goodreads, here!

 As always, I’ll add a commenter to a draw for an early copy. Just leave me a message. 🙂

Got Wood?

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I have!

I enjoy threading themes through my stories. Sometimes they’re obvious — life is better with friendship, no matter how or where you find it, for example — but occasionally I aim for subtlety. I can’t explain how happy it makes me when people notice what I’m up to. So, I just wanted to share the incredibly thoughtful and generous gifts I received this week.

(Guitar and iPad, author’s own. My friend is generous, but not that generous!)

These gorgeous examples of routed redwood wall art will soon be above my desk in my new home. Every time I’ll look at them I’ll think about the person who sent them. This person knows that I’ve used wood as an allegory for years. They betaed or pre-read fanfics I wrote where Edward searched desperately in the woods for the people he loved most, where Emmett watched an up-against-a-tree ‘oh, baby’ moment, and where Punk and Perv considered using tree sap for lube. (Not recommended. JS.) In my non-derivative writing, when Sean fought so hard to save his own forest, who but the son of a carpenter could be his perfect match?

I’ll own it: I love wood.

These pieces of craftsmanship match the banners drawn by the talented Anne Cain for my Seattle Series novels beautifully. I’m still incredibly touched.

But sometimes my symbolism isn’t intentional. My next book apparently follows a different theme. Written during a year featuring death, disease and divorce, perhaps I was feeling a little fragile. One of my pre-readers, Posy Roberts, commented, “I love all your glass symbolism that you’re slipping in here and there. It may not be intentional, but I’m sure seeing something.

That thought made the final gift I unwrapped particularly apt. Perhaps if you read my next book, Salvage, due out this summer from Dreamspinner Press, you’ll see why too.

Giveaway Winners

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Tomorrow is Saving Sean’s release day. I’m more nervous this time around than I was before After Ben was released! I have a huge soft spot for Peter.

I do hope that anyone who reads Peter’s story finds something to enjoy. I particularly liked looking at the same characters through a slightly different lens. As I near completion of Evan’s story, the fourth in the series, I wonder which perspective each reader will find the most interesting. Perhaps you’ll let me know one day. 🙂

I had an interesting time with my teens this afternoon. They tried to explain randomizing and probability to me after I explained that I needed to select winners for a giveaway. Both of them soon gave up and directed me to a randomizer website.

There are three winners. Sunne  and Kler for their almost perfect selection of Evan’s image after an earlier blog post. Neither of them picked my Peter. Perhaps he’s better left to your imaginations. 😉

Fritz42 was randomly selected from a compilation of commenters, both here and over at Goodreads.

Thank you all so much for your interest.


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I’m delighted with the reception that my first novel After Ben has received. If you’ve stopped by looking for a little extra Morgan or Theo, do subscribe. That way you won’t miss out on any new content.

I’ll be adding more fiction here over the next few weeks, as well as reviews of writing I’ve particularly enjoyed.

I’m a huge fan of original and derivative fiction, so do come and click some links. You might just find that Thor and Loki make your heart beat faster, or that Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy make your ideal pairing. I know that personally I find Merlin’s relationship with his King Arthur absolutely magic!

I’ll be adding some of my own transformative fiction too, along with an explanation of why I believe those stories should stay free to readers for as long as anyone wants to read them.

You’ll find links here soon to amazing quality fanfiction stories that you can download in their entirety, directly to your readers, free of charge. And I’ll point you in the direction of where you can buy M/M novels that may have passed you by.

I hope you find something to enjoy here.

Prefer something a little more visual?

All of my characters, and some of their settings, appear on my NSFW tumblr pages:

Can you spot Peter? What about Evan? There may be several images of them, or there might only be one. I will reserve a copy of Saving Sean, the second in the Seattle Stories series which is due out in October, for the first person (who I don’t already know. LOL) to find them both. Link to them in a comment here and I’ll be in touch.

Thank you for visiting.


PS: If you reviewed After Ben over at Goodreads, or on Amazon, please accept my heartfelt thanks. Whether you loved the story, or were driven to distraction, simply knowing that you’ve invested the time in reading is incredibly heartwarming. Thank you.