Got Wood?

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I have!

I enjoy threading themes through my stories. Sometimes they’re obvious — life is better with friendship, no matter how or where you find it, for example — but occasionally I aim for subtlety. I can’t explain how happy it makes me when people notice what I’m up to. So, I just wanted to share the incredibly thoughtful and generous gifts I received this week.

(Guitar and iPad, author’s own. My friend is generous, but not that generous!)

These gorgeous examples of routed redwood wall art will soon be above my desk in my new home. Every time I’ll look at them I’ll think about the person who sent them. This person knows that I’ve used wood as an allegory for years. They betaed or pre-read fanfics I wrote where Edward searched desperately in the woods for the people he loved most, where Emmett watched an up-against-a-tree ‘oh, baby’ moment, and where Punk and Perv considered using tree sap for lube. (Not recommended. JS.) In my non-derivative writing, when Sean fought so hard to save his own forest, who but the son of a carpenter could be his perfect match?

I’ll own it: I love wood.

These pieces of craftsmanship match the banners drawn by the talented Anne Cain for my Seattle Series novels beautifully. I’m still incredibly touched.

But sometimes my symbolism isn’t intentional. My next book apparently follows a different theme. Written during a year featuring death, disease and divorce, perhaps I was feeling a little fragile. One of my pre-readers, Posy Roberts, commented, “I love all your glass symbolism that you’re slipping in here and there. It may not be intentional, but I’m sure seeing something.

That thought made the final gift I unwrapped particularly apt. Perhaps if you read my next book, Salvage, due out this summer from Dreamspinner Press, you’ll see why too.


  1. Anna Lund says:

    Stunning. I see my Milano in there. Just stunning work. You have fantastic friends.

  2. Posy Roberts says:

    What wonderful gifts. You’re a lucky girl. Maybe we’ll get lucky enough to see a photo of the woodcuts on your wall. 🙂

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