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True Brit Available for Preorder!

 Come marvel at the gorgeous True Brit art Natasha Snow made for my latest novel.  She put Ed Britten front and center on the cover.

I can’t wait for you all to meet my reluctant hero and his opponent Pasha Trueman.


True Brit is available RIGHT NOW. You can find it here:


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 I couldn’t be more thrilled with this story. True Brit was a chance to write about one of my favourite things: Fandom! Add in two men desperate to stay in the United Kingdom’s most prestigious singing competition, and their story was a joy to construct. I smiled so often while writing True Brit. I hope you have the same reaction as you read.

True Brit Blurb

Winning the United Kingdom’s favorite singing contest is a challenge for half-Afghani Pasha Trueman. He doesn’t have the best voice, but success would be life-changing. His strategy is simple—he’ll make the British public love him.

Ed Britten is an ex-soldier with a different agenda. Winning means he’ll keep a promise made after a deadly Afghan ambush. His voice is his weapon, but he leaves his heart unguarded.

Ed and Pasha’s discovery that the contest isn’t a fair fight calls for creative tactics. Staging a fake love story could bring victory, only there’s more at stake than the prestigious first prize. If winning means surrendering each other, they could both end up losing.

You can also add True Brit to your shelves at Goodreads, here!

 As always, I’ll add a commenter to a draw for an early copy. Just leave me a message. 🙂

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  1. Sula says:

    What an awesome cover and I wonder if you enjoyed painting him?

    I find the title itself interesting, as what make a True Brit, as they are quite a diverse mix of cultures, not all stiff upper lip or cockney Londoners like some would believe?

    The book has been added to my wish list, so thank you for a chance to win a copy.

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