I love reading and writing fan fiction. There’s a particular relaxation in writing stories where someone else has already done the heavy lifting—setting up the characters and situations that become each author’s canon—leaving me free to simply play with words.

I don’t rewrite my fan fiction stories for sale for two main reasons. The first is that I’m an academic by trade and theft of intellectual property is against my professional code of conduct. None of the characters I write fan fiction about are mine. Only the plots and story arcs I’ve created are.

The second reason is that I’m an extremely lazy fan fiction writer. I don’t bother to describe characters in detail because I’m pretty certain that readers from the Merlin fandom know what Arthur looks like already! They also probably have a working knowledge of each character’s psyche too.

If I wanted to make my fan fiction marketable I would have to invest time in adding a great deal of back story. My attention span is too short for that, and I have other stories to tell, so I’m happy leaving my fan fiction exactly as it is.

If you are new to fan fiction, I’ll be adding links to fics I’ve enjoyed across a range of fandoms. I hope you find something to enjoy.






Blackbird (singing in the dead of night)

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Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Merlin / Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Length: 15735

A story about two men in London. One of them is moody. The other is quite hopeless. They’re magic.

Written for a friend by someone who bailed after only watching half of the first TV show. Let’s just pretend I understand canon. Reposted for new friends with the help of a generous American.

I still enjoy writing fan fiction as well as original fiction. I published Blackbird, a modern Merlin story, after my second novel Saving Sean was finished as a thank you to a beta reader.

The link will take you to Archive of Our Own, where you can download a file or read online.