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Heppel Ever After


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Because every epic romance deserves an epic happy ending...

All Charles Heppel wants is a wedding. It's not much to ask now that he's set his playboy days aside for his almost-ordained fiancé. He can't wait for a lovely, lazy beach honeymoon with His Holy Hotness to continue Hugo’s education in the bedroom.

Surely this third wedding date will be the charm and won't get cancelled, will it? After all, Hugo's followed his calling almost to the end of his path to ordination. Nothing should keep him from gaining his own parish with Charles as his husband.

Hugo's calling thinks differently, demanding he leaves for the remote island of Kara-Enys without Charles.

That news should be shattering, but if Charles Heppel has one thing going for him, it's that he’s relentlessly optimistic. And romantic. Most islands have beaches, don't they? He'll join Hugo to have the honeymoon first on their own version of Love Island. They can get married later!

♥ This conclusion to the Learning to Love series features a host of heartfelt cameos, an embarrassment of romance, and in no way should be used as a guide to the ordination process, which likely involves much less kissing. ♥

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